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Top 10 ways to feel put together for class

College life is anything but put together but you can always fake it on the outside till you make it on the inside

The second my alarm blares in the morning, I angrily stumble out of bed to turn my phone off only to realize I have to be in class in under an hour. My baggy t-shirt and sweatpants feel way too comfortable to change out of. Still, I personally aspire to look nice for class simply for my own self-confidence and to feel more ready to face my peers. I have found that these 10 things are ways to feel put together while also staying comfortable.

  1. Sweaters, sweaters and more sweaters

Sweaters are essential for the chilly weather — they help pull together any type of outfit and be quickly thrown on during hectic mornings. I suggest you have a few sweaters you love on hand throughout the rest of the semester because it is the comfiest you will ever feel while dressing in style. My personal favorite places to get sweaters are Zara, Brandy Melville or Abercrombie & Fitch which have lots of options for both the guys and the gals.

  1. Take care of your hair

If you’re like me, the hair I wake up with is not the hair I went to bed with. My hair is normally 10 times knottier and with uncontrollable frizz. From a claw-clip hairstyle to a side braid, putting your hair up can automatically make you look put together. For anyone with shorter hair, a cap or beanie or even a headband will do the trick and enhance your outfit if you’re running short on time. No one has to know that your hair has not seen a brush in days or that you forgot to shower when your hair is up — it truly is the best disguise.

  1. Don’t have witch nails — we’re past spooky season

As much as I love the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, I do not aspire to have her grown-out, claw-like nails. Instead, I try for a more Glinda the Good Witch-inspired look, which includes doing basic nail care such as clipping and filing regularly. For me, having my nails done always makes me feel good about myself and ready to be productive. You can even paint them if you’d like to jazz up your hands. The nice part about having your nails done is that it adds no extra step to your morning routine yet gives you that extra boost of confidence. 

  1. Find a new member of the pant family

While I am a self-proclaimed jean girl, I will admit leggings are the far comfier option for any class. Sometimes I just feel that jeans make an outfit a bit more fashionable, but that was before I discovered flared leggings from Aerie. I found those flared leggings give me that sense of fashionable flare that I need to feel good both in comfort and style. If you want something more than just leggings to spice up your routine, try joggers, wide-legged sweats or corduroys. Since Black Friday is coming up soon, put finding a pair of comfortable, cute pants on your list of things to get. 

5. A staple pair of gold — or silver — jewelry 

It has become a trend to label yourself as either a gold or silver jewelry person. I am personally a gold jewelry lover through and through, so I may be biased here. Either way, a pair of gold hoops, rings, chains or bracelets can transform any outfit. A hoodie paired with gold jewelry will make it look like you’ve made a smart, intentional fashion choice. I recently bought some really nice jewelry from the sales section of Altar’d State, so I would recommend trying there if I have successfully convinced you to expand your accessories collection. Target has a wide selection of jewelry and might be worth a visit.

6. Moisturizer to keep the ash at bay

I have put moisturizing my face on the backburner countless times since coming to college, especially after a night out. But I always end up waking up with unpleasant, dry skin. Now, it has become a goal of mine to moisturize both at night and in the mornings to avoid this dilemma. Moisturizing will make your hands and face feel and look much more put together. Your moisturizer can be as simple as the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream or as fancy as Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. I also swear by the L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion as a great everyday makeup essential that can instantly make you feel put together as it gives you moisture along with an instant glow. 

7. A comfy and practical pair of fall shoes 

Having a pair of shoes you love is an easy way to feel good for class — it is both practical and has the potential to spice up your look. Investing in one good pair of shoes like sneakers or boots that you can throw on with any outfit can automatically guarantee some self-confidence walking — or hiking, if you're like me and live in Gooch. My roommate and I have so many shoes for fall we ended up creating a shoe rack right outside our room to easily lay out our shoes for easy access before class. My personal favorite shoes for fall looks are Dr. Martens Boots in black which I bought at the beginning of last year.

8. Avoid crusty lips

Please do not be the person to have your lips peeling this fall and winter. I immediately feel better about myself when I have just a little bit of color and moisture added to my lips. Simply chapstick to help keep your lips from cracking before you have to socialize with your peers. My go-to lip product is the Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey because it enhances my natural lip color and moisturizes my lips at the same time. A lip product you love can rejuvenate not only your lips but also how you feel about yourself walking into class. 

9. Your favorite drink in your emotional support water bottle

I am essentially a clingy best friend to my Stanley water bottle since I truly have taken that water bottle everywhere with me. Typically, I just drink water for hydration but sometimes I spice it up and make myself coffee or tea. Whatever your drink of choice is, arriving to class hydrated is always a good idea to make you feel good… and if your prized possession is also your emotional support water bottle, then you are definitely feeling confident about yourself as well as carrying that into class. 

10. Layering… with your favorite jacket

Layers are key to feeling put together and prepared as the weather becomes more unpredictable. Halloweekend is a perfect example of how it can be very hot one day and then cold the next. That is why finding a staple layering jacket can be a practical must-have to deal with the ever-changing weather. I especially like wearing zip-up jackets. For example, the University-branded one from the bookstore, so that I can easily go back and forth between having the jacket on and off as the day progresses.