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From the archives: Feb. 19 – Feb. 25

This week: school mascots, International Club and bars on Grounds


February 25, 1954

“Nasty Becomes ‘Official’ Mascot of the University”

By Ralph Kennan

The Cavalier Daily purchased a dog license for stray dog “Nasty," unofficially making him a school mascot. Sounds like Nasty may have lived up to his name around Grounds!


February 25, 1966

“Corrigan Views Virginia Athletics”

By Hal Lassiter

For eight years, E. F. “Gene” Corrigan coached soccer, basketball and lacrosse for the University. During his time as a coach, Corrigan led his teams to top five spots in rankings across the country. Here, Corrigan shares some of his hopeful views about the season’s sports. 


February 20, 1973

“International Club: Exchanging Cultural Evaluations Over Coffee”

By Darlene Sprinkle

Photos by Dan Grogan and Larry Mann

The International Club drew both international and American students to its events to share culture and coffee. A few international students in the club shared their thoughts on popular American culture and their experiences at the University. 


February 19, 1985

“Pavilion to shift format” 

By Adam Gelb

Photo by Greg Vining

Following the passage of a congressional bill cutting state highway funding for those with a legal drinking age under 21, the Virginia House passed a bill raising the legal drinking age for beer to 21. Pavilion XI then decided to relocate the beer bar into a back room, moving a more appropriate coffee bar up front to discourage beer-drinking among students.


February 24, 1997

“ISC officials end rush yelling”

By Leah Friedman

Photo by John Millen

Despite the positive meaning behind the noise, the Inter-Sorority Council voted to prohibit sororities from loud screaming and chanting during rush processes. Neighbors complained, claiming that they thought someone was in danger. 


February 21, 2001

“Elzinga’s dog, Rotunda, frolics by namesake outside Pavilion home”

By Lauren Marsh

Photo by Anna MacDonald

Economics Prof. Elzinga’s dog Rotunda lived up to her name, taking full advantage of our University’s great Lawn. She even participated in a photoshoot on Grounds with Abercrombie and Fitch due to her wonderful antics on the Lawn!


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