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From the archives: Mar. 4 – Mar. 10

This week: Ralph Sampson, Weinermobile and 12 Inches of Snow


March 4, 1950

“Lust for Nicotine Runs Rampant as Students Light Up”

By Herb Hess

In a poll of UVA students in 1950, all but one reported being a tobacco addict, most not believing in its negative effects. Although times have changed and the impacts of smoking have become more acknowledged, younger generations have turned towards vaping with e-cigarettes.


March 4, 1960

“Over 12 Inches Of Snow Blanket University Area”

By Jim Brewbaker

Photo by Laufer

Charlottesville was hit with the heaviest snowfall of the year, with over 12 inches of snow. Although all University classes were not officially canceled, most faculty and students found it impossible to come to class and were given a nice holiday to enjoy the snowy sights.


March 4, 1976

“Monroe home gets ‘face lift’”

By Mark Chinitz

Photos by Constance Chatfield-Taylor

Although very close to the University, Monroe’s home was handed over to the College of William and Mary after its last owner passed away. With a budget of $250,000, the college gave the home a makeover because of its rundown appearance. The beautiful museum is still open to visitors today.


March 4, 1983

“Ralph: and awa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y we go”

By Jim Pieper

Photos by Nancy Andrews and Ellen Spire

Virginia’s basketball legend Ralph Sampson is recognized before his last game at the University. Standing at 7-foot-3, Sampson took the Cavaliers to the top, ranking "No. 1 in both national polls" for the first time. Although not every game was a win and the team never did end up earning a national title during his four years, Sampson was an important player who left a big impact on Virginia Basketball.


March 4, 1996

“Wienermobile hot-dogs around Grounds, Chapel”

By Patrick Walters

Photo by Mark Stehle

With only six of these vehicles in the United States, students were surprised to see a giant Weinermobile roll around Grounds. The drivers, officially known as hot-doggers, took the day to transport a newlywed couple to the University Chapel.


March 10, 2009

“Virginia claims No. 1 ranking with big Spring Break wins”

By Jack Bird

Photos by Jason O. Watson

Standing at a clean 7 wins and 0 losses so far in the season, the Virginia men’s lacrosse team took the No. 1 ranking in the country in the Spring of 2009. After claiming the ranking, the team stepped up their playing and secured win after win.


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