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From the archives: March 18 – March 24

This week: alumni vs. varsity game, civil rights rally and 12 student arrests


March 24, 1953

“Former Stars Shine As Alumni Defeats Varsity 41-0”

By Breck Arrington

In 1953, the University held an alumni football game at Scott Stadium during the off-season. The current team could only have a six-man line to make up for the alumni’s lack of practice; however, the varsity team shouldn’t have underestimated the alumni. The former Cavalier players overwhelmingly won with a score of 41-0. 


March 19, 1965

“Selma Sympathy March Features Rotunda Talks On Civil Rights Battle”

By Charles Calhoun

Photos by Love

As a way to show support for the march that took place in Selma, Alabama, about 300 UVA students and faculty — along with members of the Charlottesville community — marched along Grounds to the Rotunda. There, eight speakers addressed the crowd. 



March 23, 1979

“Intramural facility to open Monday”

By Stephen Durden

An intramural facility, now known to students as Slaughter, opened in 1979 in order to take some of the crowd away from Memorial Gym. The developers made the conscious decision to not include showers in order to make room for more facilities.



March 19, 1980

“Alpha Phi sisters spirit away CDs”

By Sheryl Stolberg

In order to prevent other University students from reading a negative article involving their sorority, two Alpha Phi sisters were caught stockpiling copies of the Cavalier Daily. The article detailed that the sorority allegedly discriminated based on race.



March 22, 1991

“Drug agents seize three greek houses, 12 students arrested”

By Stephen Power

Photo by Jenny Halbert

A drug raid occurred in 1991, involving three of the University’s fraternities, where 12 University students were arrested for possession of a range of drugs, from ecstasy to amphetamines. This is currently still the largest drug sting operation in the University’s history. 



March 21, 2002

“Appreciating the Dirty Work”

By Sarah Bradley

Photo by Becky Davis

The University’s housekeeping service workers often work without any recognition from the students they are cleaning up after. However, there have been many instances throughout the years of students befriending their housekeeping staff after many simple greetings and pleasant conversations. It’s important that we make these hard workers feel noticed, appreciated and heard.


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