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From the archives: April 15 – April 21

This week: the Beaux Arts Ball, a Corner meal plan and Magic Johnson speaks


April 18, 1956

“Study Abroad This Summer”

By Win Brown

The University offered summer study abroad programs for as low as $40 a month. Students had numerous options across Europe, as well as a special option that allowed students to travel to several Asian countries like China and Japan. 


April 17, 1964

“University Survives Civil War”

By Fred Goodwin

This writer provides historical insight into life at the University during the Civil War. Though the war came right to Charlottesville’s front doors, the University remained open throughout the entirety of the war.


April 18, 1978

“Costumed couples enjoy earthly delights”

By David Hamilton

Photo by Jeanette Pablo

Attendees at the Beaux Arts Ball dressed for the occasion in costumes. The theme for this annual event held by the Architecture School: “The Garden of Earthly Delights.” 


April 15, 1981

“Auschwitz survivor recalls ordeal”

By Peter Gunter

Photo by Peter Gunter

Dr. Kurt Rosenbaum describes his time as a survivor of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. Rosenbaum escaped from captivity and emigrated to America, where he studied history. 


April 18, 1994

“Organizations fuel Corner’s recent growth”

By Scott Zetlan

Photo by Ramiro Jervis

University student Jason Palmer created a meal plan including easily-accessible restaurants on the Corner. As a result, many businesses on the Corner experienced growth as students opted for this plan. 


April 19, 2000

“A Magic night”

By Abby Curran

Photo by Jonathan Kwon

Former NBA player Magic Johnson gave a speech to the University about the importance of having dreams. Despite a health setback, Johnson continued to pursue his dreams after professional basketball by starting Magic Johnson Enterprises, a company aimed at helping minorities from inner cities find jobs. 


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