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From the archives: April 22 – April 28

This week: Presidential property, origins of the Pedestrian Mall and a juicy divorce


April 22, 1959

“The CD At Press ---- Another Long Day Ends”

By Taylor Buckley

The Cavalier Daily used to be manually printed, a process that took several hours: starting at 2:00 p.m. and going until the early hours of the morning, when the print issue was handed off to distributors to be placed around Grounds. Printing the paper was done by a six man team, but was led by the University Press manager Mark Rinker, who carried the work into the late hours while the rest of his team went home.


April 26, 1962

“University Building Once Owned By Monroe”

By G.M. Heller

Some of the land on the University’s property was once built and owned by President James Monroe. He then sold the land to Thomas Jefferson when he moved to Richmond, Virginia. Monroe Hill is now home to Brown College.



April 24, 1974

“Proposed Mall Sparks Last Minute Controversy”

By Dana Gumb

Photos by Thom Judd

Before the Pedestrian Mall was built, there was a large controversy wherein many spoke for and against the addition. Those opposed to the Mall feared closing Main St. would create inconvenience and traffic, which would in turn decrease the income made by merchants. Those in support believed the Mall would increase community and pedestrian walkability. 



April 22, 1986

“Term paper use stirs controversy”

By Leslie Aun

Photos by Polly Cerruti

There were once entire firms dedicated to selling counterfeit papers to students who were willing to pay the price and turn them in as their own. While several sources assure that this practice didn’t occur here at the University, the phenomenon does sound eerily similar to issues with Artificial Intelligence that is currently plaguing many schools nationwide.



April 22, 1990

“Kluges’ marriage to end in divorce”

No Author 

You probably haven’t heard of the Kluges, but their story is straight out of a Hollywood drama. Patricia Kluge was a member of the University’s Board of Visitors, and was married to John Kluge, ranked by Forbes as the richest man in America. The couple lived in a winery in Albemarle, which was bought by Donald Trump in 2011. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1990 and their assets were split, which are detailed in this article. 



April 27, 2006

“One Year Wonder”

By Defne Gunay

Photo by David Banh

Student David Banh finished his undergraduate education in one year. He took 72 credits in high school, and took 23 credits his first semester and 37 credits his second to reach the degree requirements. He stated that his grades were lower than he wanted, only getting a 3.7 instead of the 3.95 he stated he would have likely gotten if he was taking less classes. He planned to attend graduate school after getting his undergraduate degree. 


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