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From the archives: April 8 – April 14

This week: Founder’s Day, Easters and the experiences of Deaf students


April 11, 1950

“America’s Town Meeting Tonight in Cabell Hall”

By Staige Blackford

To kick off the Founder’s celebration week in 1950, which celebrated Thomas Jefferson’s birthday as well as the University’s anniversary, the radio program, “America’s Town Meeting of the Air," was recorded in Old Cabell Hall and was broadcasted to over 259 stations across the nation. The topic of this program was to discuss the question “Do We Have an Alternative in the Cold War?”


April 13, 1964

“Past Founder’s Days Show Changing Times, Thoughts”

By Richard Hughes

This article describes the different events and ceremonies that took place to celebrate Founder’s Day throughout the years. This includes speakers like Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson, author Douglas Freeman, President of the World Bank Eugene Black and President of Princeton Dr. Robert Goheen. It also highlights generous donations given to the University by the Seven Society. 


April 10, 1978

“If Easters is culture, Virginia is in culture shock”

By Nathan Hirschenfang

Photos by Bill Goffe, Maria Stenzel and Julie Turpin

The infamous Easters Weekend was once again a success in 1978. The now-banned event was packed full of traditions made throughout the years including a mudslide, streaking in just coats and ties and, of course, parties. Several secret societies used this weekend to tap new members.



April 8, 1982

“‘Bright and Gay’”

By Rose Kennedy

Photo by Susan Janssen

In this article, students detail their hardships and experiences as a gay University student in the 1980s. Being gay was not widely accepted at the time, so many students reported having to deal with being called slurs, uncomfortable interest from peers and a persistent fear of harassment. 


April 10, 1998

“Deaf students easily adjust to college”

By June Biolsi

Photos by Jeff Najarian

In this article, Deaf students at the University share their stories regarding Deaf culture, American Sign Language and stereotypes. The Deaf community uses ASL to communicate with both hearing and Deaf people. The two students interviewed want to break the stereotype that Deaf people are incapable of enjoying, doing or accomplishing the same things that hearing people can.


April 8, 2004

“Adkins wins ‘Good Guy’ room”

By Neelam Patel

Photo by Felipe Cabezas

Every year, a student is chosen to be the resident of the Gus Blagden room, also known as “the Good Guy” room. This room on the Lawn is awarded to one student who is nominated and shows good moral character. In 2004, the room was given to Amey Adkins, who served as the Black Voices President.


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