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SIEGEL: The dangers of bias towards unbiasedness

(03/15/20 11:47pm)

The media today often takes great care to approach any given issue from an “objective” standpoint. Both sides get an equal say to frame the issue from a non-biased viewpoint. However, when one side of an issue relies on misinformation and a lack of empirical evidence, the media contributes to creating false equivalencies, which are inherent logical fallacies with no true factual merit. False equivalencies rely on slight similarities between two different items to declare them the same. They occur by giving equal footing and time to two different sides, even when there is only one supported by fact. For example, this type of false equivalency occurs if CNN hosted a debate between a flat-earther and a geologist. Often, the media fails to convey the truth of any given story because they give so much time to such logical fallacies. Instead, the media must present the real truth of stories and not give fuel to the fire that is misinformation.

STRIKE: Honor must maintain expulsion as a sanction

(03/16/20 12:04am)

Last week, Viewpoint Writer Adam Grim published a column advocating for the Honor Committee’s removal of expulsion as a sanction for Honor offenses. Grim questions if and why expulsion is ever merited, and if the Informed Retraction actually does anything to preserve the University’s Community of Trust. The argument is plagued by a spectacular misunderstanding of the Honor Committee, its procedures and its sanctions. Grim mistakenly flattens the nuances of the system and misattributes blame for inequity in sanctions. Many — if not all — of the issues Grim cites can be traced back not to the consideration of expulsion as a sanction, but expulsion as the single sanction. 

FLICKINGER: The University’s failure on COVID-19

(03/11/20 3:56pm)

COVID-19 is an extremely threatening virus, which has no known cure or treatment and lasts for widely varying lengths of time. These factors would make the virus incredibly harmful to any student who is infected by potentially interrupting their studies for months. Not only could this disease significantly impact a student’s education and potentially delay their graduation, but the disease could even be fatal in its worst cases. With the recent advent of COVID-19 cases in Washington, D.C. and as many as eight cases in Virginia, the University must take action to contain the virus and protect both its students and faculty from its spread. 

Virginia wrestling finishes fourth in the ACC Tournament

(03/12/20 11:42pm)

After facing five of the nation’s top 10 teams in conference dual meets, Virginia came into the ACC Tournament primed and ready to compete. As a team, the Cavaliers (8-6, 1-4 ACC) used this experience to rack up 60.5 team points, placing fourth in the ACC Tournament. Individually, over half of their starting wrestlers qualified for the NCAA Tournament. 

‘Onward’ and upward from here

(03/14/20 5:33am)

“Onward” — the latest from renowned Pixar Animation Studios — offers audiences a typical film of the genre, packed with recognizable features such as gorgeous animation, tear-jerking moments and family-friendly themes. Coming from the studio behind gems such as the “Toy Story” saga, “Finding Nemo,” the “Cars” trilogy and “Up,” “Onward” seems poised to be a sure hit. Unfortunately, while “Onward” is a wonderful and perfectly enjoyable film, it never lives up to the likes of previous Pixar masterpieces, as it suffers from a bloated plot and overreliance on its star-studded cast.

President Ryan announces University support to create over 1,000 affordable housing units

(03/11/20 12:27am)

University President Jim Ryan announced Tuesday that the University will support the construction of 1,000 to 1,500 affordable housing units on land owned by the University and U.Va. Foundation throughout Charlottesville, Albemarle County and parts of Central Virginia within the next decade.

No. 13 women’s tennis defeats No. 23 Syracuse, falls to No. 4 Florida State at home

(03/12/20 5:44am)

No. 10 Virginia, coming off its highest-ranked win in over three years against No. 3 NC State, faced two more ranked ACC teams at home over the weekend. The Cavaliers (10-5, 4-3 ACC) faced off against No. 23 Syracuse Friday and another top-five opponent in No. 4 Florida State Sunday.

Tied for First: ‘Tell Him’ by Lauryn Hill

(03/14/20 5:37am)

I’ve been collecting CDs for a couple years now, sprinting to the CD section of my local Goodwill since the dawn of my driver’s license. But my collection was merely a performance — no one in my house, myself included, owned a CD player. I’d throw a few dollars every month towards the aesthetically unpleasing, growing plastic pile on my bookcase. To me, it meant fulfillment. To me, it meant that if someday streaming services everywhere collapsed, I would be saved. I just needed a CD player. 

Previewing the contenders and dark horses of the 2020 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament

(03/10/20 6:36pm)

Following four losses in five games against ACC competition in mid-January, the men’s basketball team and Coach Tony Bennett have constructed a comeback for the ages, winning 11 of their last 12 games to finish second in the ACC. However, before the Cavaliers learn who they’ll be playing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, they will have to navigate the gauntlet that is the ACC Tournament.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action petitions Student Health for reproductive healthcare needs

(03/12/20 6:01am)

The University’s chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action — the university-level branch of Planned Parenthood — released a petition to University administration Feb. 29 concerning a need for immediate improvement in the way the Elson Student Health Center provides support and information about reproductive healthcare services. 

KOTHARI: Voter turnout in student elections should be earned, not expected

(03/12/20 6:10am)

In late February, the University Board of Elections released results from the most recent University-wide election which included races for Student Council, Honor and UJC seats as well as a number of proposed amendments. The participation rate for these races was approximately 10 percent of the student body. The lack of participation in February’s student election is only the latest in a trend of declining turnout, down from nearly 40 percent in 2017. In response, many student leaders voiced concerns over this recent trend, claiming that Honor amendments “deserve” a turnout rate higher than 10 percent and that student self-governance is dependent upon voter participation. However, most calls for increased turnout overlook the most fundamental reasons behind student apathy — a lack of buy-in and an overwhelming shortfall of meaningful initiatives.

The evolution of tattoos and piercings in the workplace

(03/14/20 5:50am)

Signing the bottom of the agreement for my first tattoo felt like signing my soul away to the devil. I’d grown up with my father telling me that tattoos and piercings are something that employers take note of every time a candidate walks into an interview, so I heard his voice whispering warnings in the back of my mind. But alas, I was 18 and freshly pierced, and I wasn’t thinking down the line at all.