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DRISCOLL: America needs Joe Biden

(01/29/20 6:57am)

Throughout the course of our nation’s history, we have been blessed with the great fortune of having the right leader at the right time — Lincoln during the Civil War, Roosevelt at the height of the Great Depression and Ford in the aftermath of Watergate. Today, we find ourselves at a similar crossroads where bold, decisive leadership is expected and American resolve and active participation on the world stage is required. The recent escalation in tensions with Iran — a crisis which nearly culminated in a direct military conflict earlier this month — has demonstrated the perils of incompetent leadership. With the stakes now higher than ever and inaction being an untenable course, this is a moment that will require strong, steady and stable leadership. This is a moment for Joe Biden. 

FERGUSON: The gun rights rally was a call for liberty

(02/01/20 5:39pm)

The Virginia Citizens’ Defense League has often petitioned the General Assembly on Lobby Day. The event — which takes place alongside the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday — draws concerned Virginians to Richmond to petition their representatives over various issues. This year, however, the organization’s efforts to voice its support for protections outlined in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights drew approximately 22,000 people to the Virginia State Capitol. After Democrats gained control of the legislature in November, Virginians have grown concerned over a slate of proposed gun control measures. Gun sales spiked in the weeks after the election over fears the state government would ban certain firearms, and the VCDL’s usually quiet Lobby Day event attracted not only thousands more participants than previously, but also national media attention. 

STRIKE: Save student self-governance

(01/30/20 2:35am)

Student self-governance — the right of students to govern their own academic affairs, adjudicate violations of our community values, enact change at the University and hold administrators accountable — is under threat. It’s been repeatedly violated by University administrators and has been called a sham and broadley dysfunctional by prominent student journalists. 

Inelasticity, echo-chambers — and edibles

(01/28/20 8:41pm)

Before epochal writer and academic Roxane Gay took the stage at The Paramount Theater as the Keynote Speaker for the 2020 Community MLK Celebration Jan. 23, the only thing on the stage was a brown leather armchair and an end table with a single bottle of water. The setup was akin to that of a moderated discussion, as though another chair was going to be brought out and occupied by an interviewer. 

International Residential College hosts Lunar New Year celebration

(01/28/20 9:24pm)

On the eve of the Lunar New Year Saturday, a string of red lanterns lit up the path behind the International Residential College, culminating at the front steps of Big Morea — part of a two-section complex of Morea House — where Reid Bailey, IRC Principal and Systems Engineering Professor, lives with his family. There, Bailey, his wife and children welcomed students for an annual celebration of the Lunar New Year.

PUBLIC EDITOR: Arts & Entertainment needs to bring the Charlottesville scene into its regular content

(01/29/20 6:34am)

Who doesn’t love reading about album reviews and movie releases? Seeing how your favorite artist’s latest creation stacks up to the opinions of the critics? Or previews of the latest art exhibit or theatre production if the finer arts are more your cup of tea? Be it the screen or stage, Grammys or galleries, the arts unite us. We all have our place in the world of arts and entertainment as producers or consumers, or both.

Adopting habits for a healthier semester

(02/06/20 5:01am)

The start of the spring semester is often defined by academic changes and added responsibilities. During this hectic period, it is crucial that students focus on their overall health. By adopting healthy eating habits and incorporating an active lifestyle into their new schedule, students can avoid long-term health complications from diseases and can work towards a healthier semester. 

Men’s basketball downs Wake Forest 65-63 in overtime

(01/27/20 6:42pm)

Men’s basketball defeated Wake Forest in an overtime thriller Sunday afternoon, 65-63. The Cavaliers (13-6, 5-4 ACC) were led in scoring by junior guard Tomas Woldetensae, who had a career-high 21 points in the win, while the Demon Deacons (9-10, 2-7 ACC) stayed in the game in part due to 21 points by senior guard Andrien White. 

The Australian wildfires: How are they related to Charlottesville?

(01/30/20 3:30am)

Currently, fires rage in Australia, ravaging the landscape and destroying everything in their way, be it plant, animal or building. Flames consume historic forests and descend upon communities of species from the charismatic koala and kangaroo to the endangered western ground parrot and mountain pygmy possum. 

Before ‘Rick and Morty,’ the MCU and Childish Gambino, there was ‘Community’

(01/27/20 6:35pm)

The most recent decade of network sitcoms has gotten progressively smarter, bolder and more revered. But long before “The Good Place” first aired or “The Office” saw a massive resurgence of popularity thanks to streaming, there was a genre-defying show on NBC called “Community.” The show — set in a community college — revolved around an absurdly diverse but lovable study group and has lain dormant since its conclusion in 2015. It does not have the clout of “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation” within the mainstream mindshare, yet it has remained relevant, and the talent it incubated is ubiquitous today. It deserves to be remembered for its innovativeness and being so ahead of its time.

Indian Student Association hosts Gautam Raghavan at annual advocacy event

(01/25/20 9:33pm)

The Indian Student Association hosted their largest annual advocacy event — Chit Chaat — Wednesday evening in Nau Hall with guest speaker Gautam Raghavan. Chit Chaat aims to highlight topics in the South Asian community that aren’t prominently discussed, such as entering political careers.