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All of the lights

A sea of neon tanks, frayed clothing, bandana-clad foreheads and excited faces flooded the path from Grounds to the Downtown Mall Thursday evening.


National 'Anthem': Brian Fallon and company

The American music industry has not been kind to rock stars in the new millennium. Look no further than Maroon 5, who went from Songs About Jane to “Payphone” in seven years flat, to see that the most well-intentioned bands struggle in a world where candy-coated hooks out-chart blistering riffs every time.


'Total' copycat: 'Recall' remake lacks originality

Even for a diehard sci-fi junkie like myself (I swear I’m still cool), Len Wiseman’s remake of the 1990 film Total Recall, although exhilarating at times, leaves much to be desired. Colin Farrell stars as Douglas Quaid, a blue-collar laborer who lives in an alternate universe where there are two countries connected by “The Fall,” a metro-like transportation unit that runs through the Earth’s core.


'Teen Wolf' makes for howling good time

When MTV opted to reboot the critically skewered ‘80s film franchise Teen Wolf as a television series, few could have predicted the program would go on to become one of the most gripping dramas to hit the TV airwaves this decade.


'Animals' finds soapy success at political circus

At a time when our country is preparing for yet another cutthroat presidential contest, USA Network has provided ample fodder for our election-crazed minds with Political Animals, a new six-episode miniseries. The show stars Sigourney Weaver as Elaine Barrish, a former first lady and Democratic governor of Illinois who serves as secretary of state.


Letter from the editors

Where did tableau go? Not to worry, readers: we’re still here, but we have decided it’s time for a permanent name change: the Arts & Entertainment section will now be called The-Section-Formerly-Known-As-tableau. Just kidding. We are now simply and straightforwardly “Arts & Entertainment.” This move is designed to increase the accessibility and visibility of our section because we believe that what we write about is important.

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