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Looking at all the things you need to study and the papers you need to write can be stressful. However, dividing these tasks into different days will make this much easier to handle. 

Top 10 ways to power through finals

In the grand scheme of things, one bad final is not as big of a deal, especially in an already challenging semester, so take the time to recognize that no matter what happens with your finals, you are still valued and loved.

 If a sign on the Lawn is welcome to define the University’s cops as affiliated with the KKK, and its operating cost as genocide, then the FCA should be allowed, as a religious organization, to practice their own definition of marriage.

WARD: Tolerance is a two-way street

If U.Va. ever wants to attain a healthy culture of intellectual growth, we must learn to tolerate each other, and stop these outrageous claims that those with valid political disagreements don't tolerate us.