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Love Connection

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Lakshmi’s Profile:Year: FourthSchool: School of Engineering and Applied ScienceMajor: Computer ScienceU.Va. Involvement: Society of Women Engineers, HackCville, CS Teaching Assistant, U.Va. Di Shaan (Indian dance team), The Cavalier Daily (past), Cavs in the Classroom (past), HooRaas (past, Indian dance team)Hometown: Ashburn, Va.Ideal date personality: Funny, easy to talk to and caringIdeal date activity: CoffeeDealbreakers?: Country music fanDescribe a typical weekend: Doing homework somewhere outside of Rice Hall, club meetings, dinners with friends, socializing at parties and of course “30 Rock.”Hobbies: Dance, community service, watching puppy videos and sleepWhat makes you a good catch?: I'm easy to talk to and well-rounded.What makes you a less-than-perfect catch?: Sometimes I think I'm funny when I'm really not.What is your spirit animal?: GoatWhat is your favorite pick-up line?: Are you a keyboard? Because you're my type.Describe yourself in one sentence: All I want for Christmas is a puppy.

Shota and Lakshmi

Shota and Lakshmi met in front of Edgar Allan Poe’s room at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night and went to Roots on the Corner

EileenYear: ThirdSchool: Curry School of EducationMajor: Psychology and Elementary EducationU.Va. involvement: Brown College, JADE Lab, Early Development Lab, Housing and Residence LifeHometown: New Hartford, NYIdeal date personality: Easy-going, good sense of humor, genuine, wokeIdeal date activity: Exploring the city! Playing ping-pong/board games/cards! Having really passionate discussions while eating tasty food! Something outdoorsy!Deal breakers? Pretentious, misogyny, copious drug usage, awkward silencesHobbies: Intramural Sports, reading, being outside, yoga, making listsWhat makes you a good catch? I like to think I’m witty. I’m kind, goofy and my hair usually smells good. I can find an “Office”or “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”quote for almost any situation.What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? When I’m first getting to know someone, I am a terrible conversationalist.What is your spirit animal? DolphinWhat's your favorite pickup line? My name may not be Luna but I sure know how to love good.Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m not 28 and desperate for a man; I’m 20 and mildly desperate for a man.

Aaron and Eileen

Aaron and Eileen met on the Rotunda steps at 12:15 p.m. on Friday. Eileen: A few of my friends have gone on Love Connection dates and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

AndyYear: First-yearMajor: Statistics, Economics or MathematicsU.Va. involvement: Cavalier Marching Band, Brown CollegeHometown: Belton, TXIdeal date personality: Funny, smart, a little sarcastic, sports fan, sweet/nice, dog-person, friendlier (I’m quiet and less inclined to talk to someone new)Ideal date activity: “Insert stereotypical thing to do at U.Va.” ‘n chill
Deal breakers? Patriots fan, no sense of humor, closed-minded bigotry, Twenty One Pilots fanDescribe a typical weekend: Generally relaxing, doing some work if really necessary, going out at night or reaping the rewards of U.Va./Charlottesville, CMB-life if we have a game, watching NFL on SundayHobbies: Playing trumpet, fantasy football, other TV/movies, listening to good music (Zeppelin or Springsteen especially)What makes you a good catch? I’m generally calm (stoic, chill, etc.) but when you get to know me I can (try to) be a very fun person to hang out with.What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? I have a blunt, deadpan sense of humor and tone that can come off as rude or insensitive to emotions. (I really don’t like that this is attributed to me but it is true and I have really tried to fix it as much as I can.) Also, I’m super quiet.What is your spirit animal? ElephantWhat's your favorite pick-up line? “Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!”Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m quiet but I’m a really fun person when you get to know me, promise.

Andy and Anna

Andy and Anna met at the Rotunda on Friday at 7 p.m. and went to College Inn on the Corner. Andy: There were a couple of people in my residential college who did [Love Connection] and said that I should try it.