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Love Connection

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Love Connection: Getting closer to a real spark each week

Morgan Year: First Major: Undecided Sexual orientation: Straight U.Va. involvement: Kelloggian Hometown: Richmond, VA Ideal date (person): MUST have a great body, MUST be a hipster, MUST be as close to ginger as possible, also MUST have fantastic forearms — use Jeremy Renner as a reference. Ideal date (activity): Going to a fancy dinner where my date serenades me and showers me with luxurious gifts. If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Jeremy Renner…duh. Deal breakers: Weak forearms Describe a typical weekend: Play some Xbox, eat some food, party for a bit, watch some Star Wars, check Reddit, party some more, sleep, go to O’hill and end it by telling my roommate she’s the best. Hobbies: Watching the basketball players eat, watching them play … just watching them in general. If your dating life were a prime-time or reality show, what would it be? The Bad Girls Club. Have you ever streaked the Lawn: I don’t streak lawns. What makes you a good catch? I’m HOT. Describe yourself in one sentence: Bangin’. Christian Year: Second Major: Do I have to pick one? Sexual orientation: Straight _U.Va.


Love Connection: Beef doesn’t mix with Veganism

Katelyn Year: Fourth Hometown: Onancock, Va Major: Environmental Sciences U.Va. Involvement: American-Indian Student Union, Alpha Chi Omega, Environmental Sciences Organization Ideal date (person): Ethnic of any brown sort (Indian/black/Hispanic/Egyptian/Persian/etc.) I like outgoing, weird, funny people. Ideal date (activity): Food is always good, though I’m also into live music shows and sporting events. Deal breakers: Social conservatives, or anyone shorter than I am. Describe a typical weekend: Friends, drinking, bars, probably a concert at the Jefferson or somewhere.


Love Connection: Opposites don't attract

Laura Year: First Hometown: Toronto, Canada University Involvement: Women’s Rowing, Intramural Lacrosse, Sustainability U.Va., Monroe Society and Environmental Sciences Organization Ideal date (person): Tall, good smile, fun loving, adventurous and charming. Ideal date (activity): An evening bonfire outside where we cook our own food and joke around.


Love Connection: Spicy food, blind date pair sizzle

Melissa University involvement: Chi Alpha, club cross-country Ideal date (person): Tall, athletic, good-looking Ideal date (activity): My ideal date would consist of dinner and some fro-yo afterwards. If you could date any celebrity it would be: Ryan Gosling — he’s tall, hot, has a six-pack and was amazing in “The Notebook.” He’s every girl’s dream guy.


Love Connection: Kevin and Claire

Kevin U.Va. involvement: Bhakti Yoga Club, Community Garden Ideal date (person): Preferably somewhat athletic, but, like most human beings, I’m keen on a relatively symmetric face — can’t go wrong with that.


Love Connection: Johnny and Annie

Johnny, Fourth-year biology major University involvement: Student Council, University Guide Service Ideal date activity: For first dates I enjoy going out to dinner.


Love Connection: Taylor and Anna

Date: Saturday, Sept. 8 Time: 7 p.m. Place: Café Europa Name: Taylor Year: Fourth School: Engineering Major: Chemical Engineering University involvements: Volunteer firefighting, AICHE Alumni and Corporate Relations Chair, Sailing Club, honorably discharged UTS bus driver, Hereford Student Senate Hobbies: I spend a lot of time at the fire station.