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Alexandra Holmes

The Corner is home to an eclectic mix of bars and restaurants, each with its own distinct atmosphere. Places such as Boylan Heights cater towards audiences looking to watch Virginia sports games over a pint, while places like Coupe’s are known for their live music from local bands.

Not your typical Friday night

To these student bartenders, the Corner bars aren’t only their workplaces — they’re also home to tight-knit communities that have become vital parts of the college experience. 

I’m typically an iced coffee enthusiast, but in autumn I make an exception — a hot coffee is a necessity as temperatures drop. Pair your steaming hot seasonal drink with your bookstore selection for ultimate fall vibes.

Top 10 solo date ideas to get in the fall spirit

Though I appreciate every moment spent with friends, I also value my time alone — in fact, some of my most enjoyable days on Grounds have been ones that I’ve spent by myself. With the fall season well on its way, here are the top 10 ways to celebrate the new season on your own — no awkward conversation necessary. 

I see my braids not only as a practical style but also a celebration of my identity.

A tribute to my knotless braids

When I entered the braiding shop for the first time, it was with all this in mind. I was tired of attempting to change an intrinsic part of myself to cultivate a certain image that was more palatable to others. 

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