Amelia Meyer


Final exercises

There are a lot of things I won?t miss about this University, but then there are also a lot of things I will.

A costly culture

The University prides itself on the fact that it is rated one of the most affordable public universities in the country.

Superficial coverage

THE WORLD is a fashion show. If the Obamas? recent trip to Europe this past week is any indication, the only thing that matters at major international policy conferences is what Michelle is wearing.

What student self-governance?

Students at the University are just large children, incapable of comprehending class readings and PowerPoint slides, practically devoid of the ability to write an essay ? let alone a thesis ? and, most obviously, utterly incapable of governing themselves at an institution of higher learning.

Battle of the metropolis

Wal-Mart. The name alone can spark debate, elicit groans and streams of vitriol, and can set off an internal battle in shoppers? minds between wanting to save money and wanting to fight off the big-box version of ?the man? at the same time.So it was inevitable that a store so notorious would cause so much controversy when it threatened to encroach upon a beloved historic battlefield.

A poor choice

A problem undoubtedly exists when the Secretary of the Board of Visitors has to assure students that the commencement speaker for the 2009 graduation ceremony is in no way ?a racist or an ideologue.? Yet Secretary Alexander Gilliam and other members of the administration responsible for the selection of Judge J.

Practicing what we preach

In case you missed it, Sunday was International Women?s Day, a holiday intended to highlight the condition of women all over the globe.


APATHETIC. Uninterested. Lazy. As members of the ?Me Generation,? we?ve heard these terms used to describe us before.