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Amy Startt

Giving thanks for getting it all

THOUGH the Rolling Stones don't rank among my favorite bands, their lyrics rang true for me recently as I reflected on the years I've spent on these Grounds.

Politicos are a good thing

THOUGH Larry Sabato's American Politics 101 class lies seven semesters in the past, I still have the sticker I received from him that proclaims, "Politics is a good thing." Webster defines politics in several ways, among them: "the science and art of political government; political science" and "factional scheming for power and status within a group." The first of these definitions can, with little argument, be considered a good (or at least innocuous) thing.

Honor twists rules with risky resolution

EVERYONE makes mistakes. Even those in leadership positions. Even those who should know better. Though mistakes may lack intrinsic value in and of themselves, learning from mistakes and learning to take responsibility for mistakes helps prevent subsequent blunders. During the most recent elections process, the Honor Committee made a mistake.

Competition hinders sexual assault groups' mission

FRIENDLY competition impacts almost all aspects of University life. From the classroom to the Greek community, fine arts organizations and everywhere in between, students strive to achieve excellence and a reputation of superiority.

Savoring rich experiences as last semester begins

NOTHING happened! After I spent an entire semester studying the history of America's obsession with an impending apocalypse, the latest millennial craze ended without so much as a blip on the television screen.

Managing millennium's media mania

AS THE millennial craze moves into its final stretch this month, marketing geniuses scramble to launch the final phases of advertising campaigns targeting every possible product and consumer population.

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