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Anna Perina

Virginia's fight against hazing continues

University hazing policies came under spotlight last spring when the Office of the Dean of Students issued new rush and pledging policies in response to several hazing allegations and a January night during which 10 University students were hospitalized for alcohol-related incidents.

Gubernatorial campaigns court students

As the new academic year kicks into gear, so do the closing stages of the Commonwealth’s heated gubernatorial race between candidates Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe.

Someone you know — sexual assault at the University

The national press surged on Steubenville, Ohio in March, as two high school football players — aged 16 and 17 — were convicted of raping a 16-year-old classmate while she was too intoxicated to give consent. The nationwide conversations about rape culture, prevention and policy that the trial prompted remain particularly relevant on college campuses across the country.

Resident pleads guilty to O-Hill arson attempt

Joseph Edward Duva, the 21-year-old man who attempted to burn down the University’s observatory last February, pled guilty Thursday to destruction of property, according to an Albemarle Circuit Court employee. Judge Cheryl Higgins ordered Duva to pay a $418.52 restitution fee to the University for the damage.

Coalition of faculty, staff and students push for transparency

More than 100 University faculty, staff and students convened in front of the Rotunda Friday evening demanding increased transparency from the Board of Visitors, despite rainy weather and the ongoing Rotunda construction. The event, organized by the Progressive Action Network, a University advocacy group, called upon the Board to atone for the forced resignation of University President Teresa Sullivan and the subsequent 17 days of turmoil that affected the University community this summer. “The main objective of the rally is to keep the pressure on the B.O.V.

BOV talks strategic plan

A desire for innovation lingered in the small auditorium of the Harrison Institute Friday as the Board of Visitors convened its inaugural meeting of the special committee on strategic planning.

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