Catherine Jessee


A Simon Ortiz history lesson

Native American writer and poet Simon Ortiz visited the University Bookstore Friday for an evening of poetry reading.

Re-discovering the world of Broken Bells

With the recent release followup album “After the Disco,” I find myself ready to revisit the once-contested connection between Broken Bells and the bygone genre of disco.

Live long and “Phosphor”

The line was long at the ticket window outside the Jefferson Theater on a particularly chilly night last Thursday, where fans were eager to see Matthew Houck, the man behind Phosphorescent.

All eight Mowgli's

The Mowgli’s, an eight-person alternative rock band from California, kept the Jefferson Theater full Tuesday night.

Farewell to Lou Reed

Lou Reed, the legendary guitarist and vocalist of the Velvet Underground died October 26 at the age of 71.

A look at Lorde

It didn’t take much more than one Billboard chart-topping single to call Ella Yelich-O’Connor “the queen of alternative.” Not long after releasing her EP “The Love Club” last March, the New Zealand singer-songwriter’s “Royals” claimed the No.

Kinkiest Couple of the Year?

The entertainment world is currently scrambling to establish opinions on the actor and actress chosen to play world’s kinkiest couple.

The Southern’s Lesser Knowns

While every acoustic and folk lover flocked to the local Lockn music festival this past weekend[a], the electro-rock lovers stayed behind to attend a pair of shows at the Southern Café and Music Hall. Friday night featured Pissed Jeans, a noise rock band and a pioneer of the recent punk revival based out of Allentown, Penn.