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Christa Dierksheide

Living in the moment clarifies post-graduation uncertainty

I'm in limbo these days. While this veritable see-sawing between whatever's in store and whatever's past might seem normal for any other fourth year embarking on her last semester at the University, in many ways, it's just downright scary. First, there's the idea of actually graduating from college and getting a real job.

Odds and Ends

Renewing a fresh perspective It's a Christian tradition during Lent. It's a Jewish custom during Yom Kippur.

Mending the Wounds

WASHINGTON Never has a gas station seemed so important. A place that was just two days ago a run-of-the-mill Citgo Mini-Mart catering to Pentagon employees and officials is now host to a sea of television vans, their cables pointing skyward like spindly fingers toward the gaping - and still smoldering - hole in the world's largest office building. The infamous United aircraft that veered on a 270 degree course out of Dulles Airport smashed through three of the five rings of the Pentagon on Tuesday.

Trading Places

Here, you might as well be Lebanese. Light-skinned, pale-eyed people stroll about in American clothes as you stare out at the blue-green expanse that is the Mediterranean Sea.

In the Palm of Your Hand

If not for the large plastic sign with a palm stenciled on it in the small yard, it could have been any other boxy nondescript house sitting along Route 29. But it isn't.

Portrait of a Bookshop

Daedalus Bookstore is a lesson in stream of consciousness. Sitting cattycorner on East Fourth Street by the Downtown Mall, Daedalus is a narrow three-storied row house.

Teetering around

In his uniform of a green polo shirt and khakis, Eddie Lawhorne, Harris Teeter's night manager, busily stacks cans of soup in neat rows of four.

The Man Behind the Mascot

Eric Gibson is the man with the horse. Every Saturday home football game, Gibson and his horse, Blazer, pull into the Carl Smith Center on Alderman Road as the Cavalier and the Cavalier horse, costumed and ready to gallop onto the field before thousands of cheering fans. Virginia's Cavalier mascot first became popular after the 1990 Citrus Bowl, but Gibson is the first permanent Cavalier mascot at the University, and has been the opening attraction at football games for three years now. "Before Eric, we had the Charlottesville mounted police doing it.

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