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Christina Anton

Sarita Mehta is a fourth year in the College and the student member of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors.
Each memorial perpetuates a deeply racist history and undermines the value of marginalized communities on Grounds and in the community.
Based on my experience, I am content with the University’s resources for quarantined students.
 I highly recommend streaking during the day rather than at night.
A man who owned and raped his fellow human beings should not be honored with a day of remembrance or even statues in the middle of campus.
Ben Rosenthal是本报排名前十的专栏作者。
With the spring semester on the horizon, the University must recognize the ever-growing risks this virus poses.
学生可以通过弗大的 Just Report It 系统,以及 学校警察局使用的TipSoft 和 Livesafe 这两个应用程序匿名举报犯罪行为。

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