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Cynthia Jia

Each day, the construction didn’t seem to make much progress, but over a long time, the changes became recognizable.

Contemplating with the Contemplative Commons

Just as I spent too much time focusing on the mess the construction created in my busy and sad days, I also focused on my past and neglected the fact that my college life had already guided me forward.  

The basic idea is simple — students disrobe at the historical Rotunda steps facing Old Cabell Hall and run down the Lawn to the Homer statue before returning to the Rotunda to don their clothes and go home.

Hoos streaked the Lawn?

Nearly 90 years later, running naked down the Lawn has turned into a perhaps silly tradition that is widely recognized as part of the fabric of what makes the University unique. 

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Attendees can connect with students across years and universities, learning with and from each other to solve the various challenges.

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