Daniel Young


All good things...

After nearly a year of writing the historical column for The Cavalier Daily, I've decided to set aside the quill pen and inkwell and move on to greener pastures.

Counting your historical blessings

Happy belated Thanksgiving, loyal column readers! I hope your week-long break treated you spectacularly well and that life is treating you equally as well back in C-ville. Actually, I have no idea if I have any loyal readers.

History by the numbers

In the spirit of whimsy, miscellany, and other words ending in y-sounds, I have decided to blatantly copy The Cavalier Daily managing board's occasional lead editorial and present to you: "U.Va.

That old-time religion

Pop quiz, hotshot. What is Deism? a)The study of Billy Dee Williams and his legacy of phenomenal film acting (read: Lando Calrissian in "Star Wars") b) An Enlightenment-era doctrine which holds that while God created the universe, He allows it to run by natural laws and generally keeps His distance c) Both A and B d) Your mom If you answered "A," you're my new favorite person.

Social evils at U.Va.

"MARSHALL AND GOODWIN SPEAK ON SOCIAL EVIL" -- that's the headline of the Sept. 30, 1914 edition of College Topics, the former name of the newspaper you're reading right now.

I'm going to steal your puppy

So I have three big, slobbery chocolate Labradors at home. One is incredibly old, one doesn't really like people and the third one is dumber than a box of rocks. And I miss them terribly. There's nothing worse than an unrequited dog-lover, either.

With a name like

Run a Google search on "Edwin A. Alderman" and the first Web site that appears is the homepage of Edwin A.