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Doug Strassler

U2: They've already found it,

There was no gargantuan, narcissistic video screen spanning the stage. There was no 100-foot orange swizzle stick, nor did they appear from within a giant lemon-shaped disco mirror ball.

'Mexican' stays north of border

It may be called "The Mexican," but Gore Verbinski's quirky caper is an entirely American affair - a studio product that has "Made in Hollywood" stamped all over it. See, "Mexican" is one of those bulletproof movies.

Clooney leads 'O Brother' on comic odyssey

I confess - I'm one of those supposedly "good" students who managed to squeak through high school without ever having read "The Odyssey" or even "Ulysses," James Joyce's more mystifying retelling of the classic. Luckily, I don't need to have that background in order to enjoy "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" The latest release from the Coen brothers (writer-director Joel and writer-producer Ethan) claims in its credits to be an adaptation of Homer's epic.

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