Elizabeth McCauley


​A conversation with Matt FX

Arts & Entertainment spoke with Matt FX about his coveted career path, the joy of collaboration and the importance of lending a favor.

“Do You” is well-intentioned but haphazard effort

This month Ajamu Kambon, an entrepreneur and class of 2014 Commerce graduate, published “Do You: Success, Wealth and Relationships — You, Yourself, and your Dreams,” an eBook containing advice on topics ranging from financial security and fulfillment in one’s career to respecting others and avoiding passing judgment.

A conversation with Brian Regan

Brian Regan will bring his signature combination of sly observational comedy and self-deprecating humor to the stage Oct. 8 at Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater. 

“Magic Mike XXL” learns to embrace levity

People generally go see strippers for one reason: to watch them strip. People go see movies about strippers for a slightly more varied set of reasons — perhaps for the cast, perhaps for a little narrative context to go with their chiseled abs — but for the most part, they want stripping.

“Aloha” is a white-washed, red-hot mess

A love story can be incorporated into just about any topic. Ideally, the romance would encompass and advance the entire narrative, such as the love between a poor artist and a wealthy aristocrat which fosters a broader message against classism in “Titanic.” Framing a love story within unique or trying circumstances is convenient from a writing standpoint and for making historic or tragic events more comprehensible.