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Emily Harding

Breaking all the rules one last time

BACK IN the day before his uber-politico status, Tom Bednar was my editor. He taught me the cardinal rule of op-ed writing: Never let "I" or emotions play too big a role in an article.

Rediscovering University's true priorities

DURING his 2000 State of the University speech, President John T. Casteen III relayed a quote by John Ciardi: "A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in students." Casteen claims that's not what the University is now, and it's not where it's heading, yet many actions of this University have indicated precisely the opposite. Rather than a treatise on the responsibility of the University to teach students, the speech was mere window dressing for big business 101.

Lack of lines leaves fans frustrated

EVER LISTEN to the comments in a crowd? This particular crowd said things like "Wait! I need my arm!" and "I can't breathe!" "Ouch" and "cut it out" were popular as well, but my favorite was "I hate every person at this #$!&ing University who didn't camp out and is in front of me right now!" It was game day, and it was not a pretty scene.

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