Gray Whisnant


WHISNANT: So long, Stewart

When I found out Stewart was retiring, my first reaction was a pang of nostalgia for what felt like an exciting political innocence before the cynicism of the late Obama years. When I gave it a bit more thought, my next reaction was one of relief. “The Daily Show” was once a vibrant oasis in a desert of craven television personalities, but in 2015, the American left is better off leaving Jon Stewart and his brand of satire behind.

WHISNANT: Irresponsible reverence

With Jeb Bush gearing up to run for president, we are the midst of a well-orchestrated but subtle campaign to whitewash the disaster that was the George W. Bush administration.

WHISNANT: Cinematic wisdom

Much has changed since 1965, but the film makes a compelling case that liberals and conservatives alike are well past due for an honest reckoning with their history.