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Hailey Robbins

These four books are structurally well done, entertaining and an ambient addition to fall itself.

ROBBINS: The beauty in books

There's an absolutely beautiful phenomenon that happens when you read a good work of fiction — you find yourself getting sucked into the story entirely. 

Trying to balance several different fields of study along with general education requirements means needing flexibility in course scheduling that a 15 credit limit does not provide.

ROBBINS: Make course selection less restrictive

By increasing the credit limit right off the bat, students would be able to sign up for a still entirely reasonable schedule immediately rather than having to wait until open enrollment starts a few weeks later with the risk that the courses they need will already be filled.

It feels as though a lack of thought and consideration has been put into dealing with student concerns and addressing fears as well as a physical time delay in reporting.

ROBBINS: A breach in the community of trust

Arguably the most frustrating piece of the increased violence in Charlottesville is not that it hasn’t stopped completely, but rather the seeming lack of care and urgency displayed by University administration.

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