Hasan Khan


​KHAN: Race, universities and enacting concrete change

As we evaluate the status of race relations at American colleges, we see two fundamental problems that have hindered progress: hypersensitive students who are too eager to protest every minor offense, and University administrations who are too eager to voice empty anti-racist rhetoric.

​KHAN: The danger of safe spaces

While creating limited safe spaces on college campuses deserves our support, expanding the definition of a safe space to encapsulate entire campuses is a dangerous idea that would have serious implications on freedom of speech.

​KHAN: For Western societies, banning the niqab is hypocritical

Western nations should not choose to ban the veil in all public places, as this implies a defined set of legally enforced “national morals” that go against the fundamental Western ideas of judicial impartiality and constitutional liberalism. Rather, we should discourage its wearing, without making the veil illegal.

​KHAN: Don’t harp on Halloween

The Halloween costume debate fits into the larger context of a resurging wave of political correctness sweeping across American colleges, a wave indicative of cognitive distortion problems present in our collegiate generation.

​KHAN: Be wary of artificial intelligence

The fear of wide scale automation isn't set in the distant future — it's already here. According to one study by Oxford University, half of America’s jobs are vulnerable to being replaced in the next 20 years.

​KHAN: Berating Natty Beau is not overly PC

While oversensitivity and hyper-PC culture are definitely problems in many colleges, the Managing Board’s stance on the Natty Beau advertisement makes sense in the context of the University's reputation as a party school and the ongoing efforts to change this perception.

​KHAN: The coming climate change refugee crisis

Few leaders have even acknowledged climate change as a possible contributor to immigration issues, and practically no leader has taken any action on climate change in relation to fixing migration issues.

​KHAN: Eliminate questions about criminal history

Administrators at New York University have devised a unique solution to the issue of collecting criminal record information on university applications. In May, NYU updated its admissions policy, postponing admissions reviewers’ ability to view applicants’ criminal records.