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Jane Ma

Memoirs of an Earth Mama

When I signed up to become a news writer during The Cavalier Daily open house my first week at the University, I never imagined that I would one day join the Managing Board to become the executive editor, nor did I expect the substantial contribution it would make toward shaping me into the individual I am today.

Speaking to UVA

SPEAK Up UVA is one of Student Council's greatest resources in recent memory and it would be a grave mistake if current Council members neglected to recognize its intrinsic value.

An appropriate candidate

STUDENT Council's appropriations process has been the equivalent of a four-letter word in recent years, and is in dire need of reform - especially in the way funds are allocated to club sports.

StudCo endorses CavEd program

[caption id="attachment_36094" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Cavalier Education courses allow students to propose and teach subjects of special interest not offered within the regular curriculum.

Student Council plans to unveil umbrella sharing

Hoping that no student is left out in the rain, Student Council's Student Life Committee is planning to kick off a trial period for an umbrella sharing program this semester. "This program is targeted for those students on rainy days when they're in class all day, and they come out and it's rainy, and they don't have an umbrella to take to the next class or home," Committee Co-Chair Mary McGuirk said.

StudCo backs dialogue event

Student Council passed a resolution yesterday night strongly endorsing the Sept. 24 Day of Dialogue. The event, specifically as "Day of Dialogue: Toward a Caring Community," aims to continue the conversation sparked by Yeardley Love's death in May and "provide an opportunity for open, honest discussion about who we are -- our strengths, our shortcomings, and our individual responsibility as members of this and other, larger communities," University President Teresa A.

AirBus program resumes

[caption id="attachment_35639" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="While Student Council's UVAirBus program will return for students during breaks, the current schedule only includes trips to and from Richmond.

Council cuts iPhone app

At its weekly meeting yesterday night, Student Council passed its 2010-11 budget proposal, but not before striking a line that would have allocated $2,000 toward a Council iPhone app. The budget - which was drafted by Council Chief Financial Officer Alan Rogers and Vice President for Administration Jen Bristol - includes $62,863 in Student Activities Funds and $13,628 in non-SAF funds, for a total of $76,461 overall, down slightly from last year's total budget of $83,698 and significantly lower than the $116,000 2008-09 budget.

Minor change, major consequences

The Spanish department's two-year moratorium on the Spanish minor was instituted last September to alleviate the difficulty Spanish majors face when enrolling in classes, but even now that the freeze is halfway over, those students still are finding it frustratingly difficult to enroll in their required classes.

StudCo backs Get Grounded

[caption id="attachment_35181" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Student Council's resolution provides support for this collaborative campaign to empower community members to take a stand against problems such as violence and alcohol abuse.

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