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Jared Fogel

​FOGEL: Shut down for-profit colleges

Through strict regulations and through the promotion of tuition-free community colleges as well as cheaper public institutions, Obama can effectively downsize the industry and provide new opportunities to aspiring students with increased transparency, lower costs and lower student debt.

​FOGEL: The NFL should move on

After nearly nine months of media attention and millions of dollars of independent investigation and court costs, the NFL’s “Deflategate” scandal has seemingly come to an end. Last week, federal Judge Richard M.

​FOGEL: A world class University

We face undeniable disadvantages in building our brand. The largest disadvantage specifically is trying to keep up with high-caliber private institutions and their often superior funding. This larger funding can go toward hiring esteemed faculty or developing more academic programs. Either way, it is difficult as a public institution to compare ourselves with top private institutions. This, however, is what we must strive to do.

​FOGEL: Drawing the line at firing squads

These alternatives should not become primary methods of execution. Hanging, though the most popular form of capital punishment for the majority of U.S. history, sometimes leads to prolonged strangulation or decapitation, and electrocution sometimes leads to inmates catching on fire or needing multiple jolts. It is the gruesome nature of these botched executions that led the majority of U.S. states to declare these alternatives unconstitutional, and the American people agree.

​FOGEL: Use guest speakers

Not only can students discuss career opportunities — they can also delve deeper into topics both covered and not covered by the course syllabi. These guest speakers use their personal experiences to engage with students, linking course material to the professional working environment.

FOGEL: Legalize sports betting

The issues with sports gambling are evident — it can ruin people’s lives — but on the other hand, so do casinos, state lotteries and horse racing. There are significant moral qualms surrounding both sports gambling and other forms of gambling such as state lotteries; however, these moral issues are already intertwined in our society and legalizing sports betting would merely help create organization, transparency and credibility in an otherwise shady process.

FOGEL: Choose comedians for Valediction

In 2013, the University first implemented the tactic of pairing up a comedian with a politician, selecting former U.S. Senator Jim Webb and comedian Stephen Colbert as the final exercise speakers. Choosing a comedian was a huge success, as it was the first time the University had welcomed a comedian in at least the past 25 years. Additionally, Colbert’s speech was, thanks to YouTube, the most watched in the University’s history, garnering almost half a million views on YouTube.

FOGEL: Unequal treatment

In order to effectively combat suicide and mental illness, the University as well as CAPS must reach out to the whole University community, not just faculty and staff. This could be in the form of suicide prevention sessions for students or other awareness events and dialogue.

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