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Jessica Garrison

The walk-off column

T he best advice I have ever received about my column-writing was absurdly simple: Put a little honest piece of yourself into every column you write.

The women of Virginia athletics: image is everything

When I took over this column space, I knew what role I was supposed to fill. I was a female sportswriter, an enlightened young college woman, a former high school athlete and a benefactor of Title IX: this was my space to trumpet women's athletics at Virginia.

Spring brings new season of Virginia sports

Spring is finally here. Unlike those who think that tree blossoms or warm weather or the appearance of sundresses herald the season of rebirth, I've spent the last four years attached to a different sign of spring: helmets and shoulder pads.

What's inside this chapel may surprise you

When Youth Dies for Loyalties Sake The Hallowed Memory of Love Abides. This inscription reads as startling on the pages of a newspaper as it does in the dim light of our University Chapel. The chapel might be the last place that you would expect to find a vital piece of our nation's sports history, but a little sleuthing will reveal just that.

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