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​PARTING SHOT: A promising future, with some regrets

The Cavalier Daily has more than its share of problems. At its core, every person in the editing chain believes they are better writers, editors and reporters than those below them. To fully harness the paper’s talent, The Cavalier Daily must fight this culture and trade writing quality for writer motivation. But, throughout, I have valued the News section’s dedication to fair, unbiased coverage.

Board of Visitors discusses dramatic increase in CAPS visitors, NCAA scholarship money

The Board of Visitors’ Student Affairs and Athletics Committee met Tuesday afternoon and discussed the University’s Counseling and Psychological Services and new Athletics developments. Patricia Lampkin, the vice president and chief student affairs officer, said the administration is working to finalize an interim policy on sexual harassment and intimate partner violence, following the Rolling Stone article and its fallout last semester. "Student safety will remain a critical focus this spring," Lampkin said.

Ad hoc committee addresses University culture, Greek life, sexual assault

University President Teresa Sullivan announced the formation of an ad hoc committee on public safety Monday. The committee, formally titled the Ad Hoc Group on University Climate and Culture, is chaired by Sullivan and includes two members of the Board of Visitors, two faculty, four students, one staff member, one dean and four alumni and parent representatives.

Graham search team finds human remains off Old Lynchburg Road

A search team with the Chesterfield County Sheriff's office found human remains in an area off Old Lynchburg Road in southern Albemarle County shortly before noon Saturday. The remains have not yet been identified, but Albemarle County Police Chief Steve Sellers said the investigation into the disappearance of second-year College student Hannah Graham is now a "death investigation" which will be handled by the Albemarle County Police Department.

SafeRide, other safety measures see new scrutiny after Graham disappearance

University President Teresa Sullivan said the University would increase the number of SafeRide vans and SafeRide’s hours in an email message sent to the University community last Tuesday. The time extensions were sent to the community in error, however, and Sullivan included the correct hours in an email to students sent last Friday. While the University has added a fourth van, no changes to SafeRide operating hours has been made.


Romney, Obama neck-in-neck new poll shows

A new poll from the University and George Mason University shows Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are effectively tied in Virginia in the Presidential contest. Former Governor Tim Kaine and former Senator George Allen are also tied in the Virginia Senate race, with Kaine up 43 percent to Allen’s 40 percent and 13 percent of voters undecided. The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus four percent.