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Josie Roberts

Dorm Divide

The stark white walls of the Courtenay 130's belie the color, flavor and culture contained in this first-year suite.

Going Global

Try explaining "Cribs" to a non-fluent English speaker. Try to connect MTV's rampant glorification of celebrity mansions with its show title that literally means a baby's bed.

A New Chapter

Latin by tradition, not by definition. The women of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc. resolutely practice their binding code.

Song of Solidarity

First of four articles exploring the value of cultural communications and those who cross racial boundries. To an outsider, a Black Voices rehearsal might look like chaos.

Picture Perfect

"aspenuva." In University lingo, it's the login to On the social circuit, it's the password to unlock a catalogue of the weekend scene. The Web browser opens.

Keep On Truckin'

Paul Peery fumbled through a book of reservations at his Star Hill Automotive and U-Haul Rentals dealership.

Men at Work

Ewan Mulligan started doing it for the easy money. Joe Purcell needed to pay off his car insurance.

Getting your kicks on 29

The first trip down Route 29 is a rite of passage, an introduction to the awe-inspiring rolling hills of the Appalachian Valley and the infamous speed traps that are hidden between them.

Missing In Attack

NEW YORK - Cindy Guan. Age: 25. Height: 5-2. Weight: 110 pounds. 86th floor of WTC 2. Saranya Srinuan.

Behind the Lines

NEW YORK - Three inches of soot still sat on the hood of the car, now a heap of shredded metal, six blocks from where the World Trade Center towers collapsed Tuesday.

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