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Julie Hofler

Odds and Ends

Trailing Tiger Sometimes dreams really do come true. Or at least they did for fourth-year College student Huan Tran, who leaves for Las Vegas today to participate in the Tiger Woods Fantasy Golf Camp, led by the golfing phenomenon himself. "I'm obsessed with golf and I love Tiger," Tran said excitedly, explaining that he has followed Woods' career since he won his first amateur tournament. Last February while watching the Buick Invitational on television, Tran noticed an advertisement for a contest sponsored by the company. "You had to guess Tiger's third and fourth round scores for the weekend," Tran said.

High Stakes

Last April, third-year College student Abigail Burroughs said she had one wish. After battling squamous cell head and neck cancer for more than a year, she desperately wanted to be able to keep the apartment lease she had signed with two of her friends for the University's 2001-2002 school year. But on June 9, after a long and frustrating fight not only with cancer but with pharmaceutical companies that refused to provide her with experimental or compassionate use treatments, Burroughs succumbed to the disease. "She lived right up until the minute she died," said Abigail's mother Kathleen Dunn of her daughter's relentless optimism and strength. Tonight starting at 9 p.m., Burroughs and her battle for life will be remembered at a Casino Night fund-raising event held by Theta Delta Chi fraternity and Pi Beta Phi sorority at Fiji.

You've Got Mail?

Mary Humphrey stepped back and carefully sureyed the long table full of misplaced mail in Station No.


RICHMOND Yellow and black "Win with Warner" billboards lined the streets of Virginia's capital yesterday as the state went to the polls to elect the future governor and other state representatives.

9-11 to 10-11

By Julie Hofler Cavalier Daily Associate Editor September 11. It seems like just yesterday.

Note Worthy

As the cool nighttime breeze filters through your dorm room window, you can faintly hear it. One voice begins and slowly turns into a harmonic blend of a cappella pitches as more voices join in, filling the late summer air. You immediately abandon your studies and rush outside with your friends to join the crowd outside your dorm.

European toilets stink!

I learned a lot during my first trip to Europe last month. Like how to raid vending machines to quickly use spare foreign currency before leaving for another country, and how to walk for miles with all of my belongings precariously strapped to my body. But as my plane returned to Dulles International Airport, I found myself with immense new knowledge on a topic that I had never previously bothered to explore - the bathroom.

Battling for Life

As Abigail Burroughs sits at a table at Starbucks, sipping a cup of coffee and nibbling at a chocolate croissant, she seems calm and content.

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