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Kate White

Bunny slope blues

For hundreds of years, my family has lived in the heart of New England. Despite 100 years worth of opportunities to take advantage of the snow-covered mountains in our backyard, no one in my family has ever felt the need to try skiing.

Taking the bottles of beer off the wall

Over break I visited the apartment of a friend who recently gradu ated from college. She and her roommate had tastefully decorated their home with Ikea furnishings and Pier 1 accessories.

Car-less and key-less means schmoozing in shotgun

In high school, I was the proud primary driver of a 1985 Oldsmobile station wagon. Naturally, the automobile opened me up to the good-natured teasing of friends, but such ribbing didn't bother me at all (well, it didn't bother me too much). Whenever someone would make a comment about my rapidly aging motor vehicle, I would shrug and say, "At least I have a car." Not only did I have a car at my disposal at all times, but I had a car that could haul me and seven friends wherever we wanted to go.

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