Kelly Seegers


A thank you note to U.Va.

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the end of my fourth year. In theory, I knew I would be sad to leave this place. 

All the small things

This semester, as a part of a project for one of my classes, I have been reading and transcribing letters my Grandparents wrote to each other during World War II.

Finding joy amidst uncertainty

As we were sitting at Easter brunch, a friend of mine recounted how her family had recently grilled her about her future. Given that she has had a job since the beginning of the school year, this surprised me.

Getting the metaphorical wristband

Hanging on the wall is a chalkboard where my roommates and I made a fourth-year bucket list, including everything from “bring back UGGs” to “go wine tasting.”

We should work

The phrase, “that should work” has become a common part of my vocabulary. But what are the implications of this tendency?

Where the heart is

This winter break, my drive home was slightly longer than usual. Instead of driving up the familiar rectangular driveway, I arrived to a public parking garage.

Email identities

As I glance at my phone, I see a the number 18 in a red circle above my Gmail icon. I turn my phone back off and put it in my pocket.

So what?

As a fourth year, I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on my college experience.

Why we share food

After returning to Grounds and seeing friends for the first time in months, I find myself frequently saying, “Want to get coffee?” or “We should grab lunch!” I’ve enjoyed the coffee dates I’ve had so far — and look forward to more in the future — but I’ve started to wonder why these encounters always involve some sort of food or beverage. What does our need for food in social settings say about our relationships?