Laura Parcells


Stress-free job, stress-free search

As I stand about to forever sign off from The Cavalier Daily in the name of general fourth-year debaucheries, thesis writing and -- dun-dun-dun -- job searching, I would like to take this last opportunity to offer some words of encouragement to my fellow classmates. Walking around Grounds, it's hard to miss everyone's favorite breed of student: The suit-clad, briefcase-toting Commie -- Comm schooler, that is.

Gay bashing, in the name of the Lord

Given Jesus Christ's radically inclusive nature, his followers sure do have trouble getting the whole tolerance thing down. Recently, Indiana University professor, Yale graduate and devout Christian Eric B.

Terrorism's tangled roots

When discussing recent suicide bombings of the Red Cross in Baghdad earlier this week, President George W.

Ruling for racism

Here in America, where "all men are created equal," we like to believe we have overcome arbitrary inequality.

Individual rights, equal opportunities

It is hard to miss talk about the Individual Rights Coalition around Grounds these days. Despite the fact that the new group has already become the center of controversy, many students remain uniformed about what it is really advocating.

Forgetting the Old South

Our nation has come a long way in the last hundred years in regard to practicing an equal view of its citizens instead of just preaching one.

A market for terror

It's a crazy, mixed up world down in Washington these days. Black is white, up is down. Renaming French fries "Freedom Fries" is seen as a good idea, and one of the most intelligent schemes to come out of the Bush administration -- the Pentagon's issuing of futures on terrorist attacks -- is deemed an atrocity.

Contraception misconceptions

THERE has been a lot of talk about sex in the Commonwealth lately. Well, not so much the sex itself, but rather what comes next: the "morning after." Ever since Del.

No fun in pursuit of perfection

FOR THREE years I have been writing for this paper, and for three years I have been giving the same advice in my annual mail-out column.