Linnea White


A catering chronicle

MC Hammer pants ? check. Triple-layered Dr. Scholl?s Treadsafe black kicks ? check.

A fragrant feast

Aroma's Café was aptly named. Once I opened the door, the stench of Five Guys' greasy fries, Casella's marinara sauce, and Hair Cuttery's shampoo dissipated, and my senses snapped to attention.

Culture Clashes in the D. R.

Blasted by a gust of humidity and blinding sunlight, my eyes quickly adjusted to the atmosphere in which I found myself suddenly immersed: the Dominican Republic.

'Hoos House?

Here is how the story goes: Every 'Hoo down in 'Hooville Liked College a lot. But the Grinch, Who lived just above C-ville, Did not. Just to the west of Grounds, a house sits on Lewis Mountain overlooking the University.