Madeline Nagy


Law School holds panel to discuss child advocacy

The Law School held a panel Monday to discuss career opportunities in child advocacy. The panel led a conversation about their individual experiences as child advocacy lawyers and gave career advice to Law students.

Route 29 solutions spur community debate

The Virginia Department of Transportation’s planned highway improvements along the Charlottesville and Albemarle portions of Route 29 — $84 million worth of projects — have sparked a debate in the local community over construction impacts.

University researches help secure drone technology

University engineering researchers teamed up with researchers from the University of Georgia to flight-test a new System-Aware Cybersecurity concept and Secure Sentinel technology which could protect drones from cyber attacks. Over the course of five days in October, researchers demonstrated attack scenarios considering GPS embedded-data manipulations, the manipulation of critical metadata related to transmitted images and onboard surveillance and payload control breaches.

Morrissey, Walton, Sullivan battle for 74th district seat

In a special election on Tuesday, the 74th district of Virginia will vote to fill the seat Joseph Morrissey had until December in the Virginia House of Delegates. Throughout a controversy-ridden campaign, the candidates have challenged each other to hold a stance on specific issues. Morrissey faces Republican Matt Walton and Democrat Kevin Sullivan.