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Maggie Servais

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Each of the four work groups had a designated area within the space where they hung large sheets of poster paper detailing each of the ideas for action the study groups developed.
U.Va. student protesters covered the Thomas Jefferson statue in front of the Rotunda Tuesday night. 
The panel was followed by a demonstration on the Rotunda steps. 
Kessler (middle) was sentenced to 50 hours of community service.
The rental company who owns the house, Management Services Corporation, washed the graffiti off Monday and sent a crew to repaint the wall Tuesday.
Kessler (center) could serve up to 12 months in jail, receive a maximum fine of $2,500 or both.
The focus of the meeting was on two proposed design plans for the Memorial for Enslaved Laborers at the University.
From left to right: Isaac Smith, Jason Kessler, Corey Stewart and Stewart's wife, Maria Stewart, outside of Charlottesville City Circuit Court. 

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