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Masha Herbst

Getting the most out of words

THE CAVALIER Daily must bedoing a good job these days, because not only was my inbox empty this week, but I am forced to choose a more nit-picky topic than usual.

Visual aids and the Web

THIS WEEK'S column gives a break to The Cavalier Daily's writers, in order to address reader concerns about photographs and the Web site. One reader wrote to express her discontent with art on the Life page.

Thorough war coverage

WAR COVERAGE 101 is a course we'd all probably prefer not to take, but with Peter Arnett and night-vision green back on television, The Cavalier Daily and every other newspaper in the country have been thrust into the classroom. It seems that there are several basic elements of coverage that a paper should bring its readers during a war.

Unprofessional interest overlap

MOST PEOPLE know that newspapers are supposed to present the news in an unbiased manner. When it comes to the News page, conflict of interest rules are pretty easy to understand.

Election story: scandal and speculation

I don't envy the job of a political reporter during election season. Politics is a mean business, and the political reporter has the unenviable task of separating fact from rumor and truth from slander.

Localized leads

Last Monday, the front page of The Cavalier Daily featured a story about the disintegration of the space shuttle Columbia and resulting death of all seven astronauts aboard.

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