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Michael Watson

A religious foundation

I most heartily agree with Katherine Ripley's Jan. 19 column about the establishment of religion, titled "(Ripley's) Believe it or not." There is no way the Founders would have ever allowed any elected official to make any political decisions based on religious conviction. Can you imagine the chaos that would have ensued if the people who wrote the Constitution had believed that political decisions could be made based on a religious belief in rights given to them by "Nature's God" or a "Creator"? Why, they might have even declared independence from Great Britain!

Home run derby: Cavs throttle Spiders

RICHMOND-Neither sporadic rain nor gusting winds could stop Virginia from toppling Richmond 11-2 after a stunning display of batting prowess in the first inning. Virginia's (14-14-1) magical four-run first inning began with Shawn McCleary scoring from third on a wild pitch by Spider right-hander Tom Mahony.

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