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Mike Greenwald

Honor lacks opportunity for truth

HOW DID we let our most sacred tradition become so irrelevant so fast? The honor system, where a meager seven students were found guilty in trials all of last year, continues along its death course, lifelessly plodding the winding road of indifference, fading into the sea of oblivion and good ideas forgotten.

New chapter unfolds

Long gone are the days when fraternity brothers would joke about having All-You-Can-Eat mixers with Alpha Phi. The re-colonized University Alpha Phi branch officially moved from being a colony to a chapter again Sunday, joining the sorority's other 146 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Three years ago, Alpha Phi's unflattering reputation began to take its toll on their recruitment efforts as the University chapter experienced a steep decline in the number of women accepting rush bids.

Students anticipate WCW pay-per-view

As World Championship Wrestling gears up for Bash at the Beach, its July 11 pay-per-view extravaganza, student leaders expressed hope that Hollywood "Hulk" Hogan would leave the nWo Wolfpac and switch to being a good guy once again. Hogan abandoned his yellow and red Hulkamania days three years ago during Bash at the Beach when he helped form the New World Order along with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. John Finley, Student Council Chief Financial Officer, said he is eagerly anticipating next week's show. "Unbelievable.

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