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Monica Mohapatra

'The Artist,' 'Hugo' win big at Oscars

Host Billy Crystal summed up this year's Oscars perfectly when he quipped, "Nothing takes the sting out of these tough economic times like watching a bunch of millionaires giving golden statues to each other!" Yet another awards season has come and gone, and yet another audience has sat through Hollywood's so-called "greatest night" during the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Broadcast Sunday night, the show was off to an ominous start even before the red carpets rolled out, due in large part to Brett Ratner's controversy-fueled resignation from being the show's producer, and Eddie Murphy's last-minute ditch from his hosting duties.

Bon 'Voyage'

French duo Air isn't exactly part of the underground music scene, but rather has a niche mainstream audience.

Lana Del Rey:

If you hadn't heard the name Lana Del Rey before last month, you're probably in the majority. With her heavy-lidded eyes and bubble lips, the 1950s throwback queen resided in the realm of Pitchfork-esque obscurity until a month ago.

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