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Nina Lukow

“50 Shades of Grey,” uncountable shades of terrible

Forget the fact that “50 Shades of Grey” is an awful piece of filmmaking and that I almost left within the first ten minutes. Forget that its script is laughable, its actors’ chemistry unbearably dull, and that its supposed sexiness is about as sexy as an itchy wool turtleneck.

Inside the U.Va Drama Department’s “Vodka Variations”

Visiting one of the final dress rehearsals for the “Vodka Variations,” one immediately gets the sense that a play of this size has not been performed in a while. A spiral walkway acting as the major set piece coils around Culbreth Theatre, with just enough space for a live string quartet to sit in the middle.

Interning with the Virginia Film Festival

Every fall, University students can expect certain time-honored traditions to return to Grounds: Rotunda Sing kicks off the year, Pancakes for Parkinson’s carries us through the mid-semester slump, and Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn boasts of the largest amount of babies and puppies in costumes on any college campus.

Mamadou Diabaté captivates Old Cabell Hall

The stage in Old Cabell Hall looked empty. With a lone chair centered on the stage, accompanied only by an amplifier and a microphone, the space felt emptier than during orchestral and choral performances, when a row of chairs and music stands dot the stage.

Spectrum Theatre gets “Closer” to the edge

Spectrum Theatre is making waves in the University's theatrical community. This fall, Spectrum has chosen to produce a minimalist, modest play titled “Closer” by Patrick Marber.Described by its director as a show about “portraying sex in our modern world,” Spectrum’s production quietly seethes and churns with intense raw performances and a graphic, sexually explicit script.

Major good reads

Looking for a good book to read this summer? Take a gander at the list below, which matches excellent summer books with college majors.

A Flea in Her EarFebruary 2014This photograph is licensed to the U.Va. Department of Drama for its marketing and advertising purposes. Third party use without consent of the photographer is prohibited.

'A Flea in Her Ear' soars

A murderous Spaniard, French men who cannot correctly pronounce their consonants, plenty of bushy moustaches, hairy men and a whole lot of running around and shouting in general confusion.

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