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Proud Chandragholica

Hourigan, the company in charge of managing the construction site, has notified the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
Over the course of a weeklong recruitment, over 900 women toured the University’s 15 sorority chapters in a four-round process including round-robins, philanthropy showcases, house tours and preference events.
The Committee entered a brief closed session at 7:40 p.m. to discuss case updates.
Graduate student forward Sam Brunelle transferred to Virginia with the hopes of building a successful program under new Coach Amaka Agugua-Hamilton. 
During the Honor Constitutional Convention the Committee along with 30 delegates from Contracted Independent Organizations will make recommendations for changes to the Honor constitution and participate in drafting a multi-sanction referendum. 
HRL should alert first years sooner about the current competitive off-Grounds housing situation and make clear that on-Ground housing is an alternative that provides more options and time. 
Regardless, the fact remains that the convention is imminent, and this inadequacy reflects on the Committee as a whole. 
The Senators will vote on the resolution to censure Ellis online in the coming days.

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