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Rupa Mishra

Recreation for the soul

"Make sure you know your partner well," first-year College student Jessica Abbate said. "Because you do a lot of touching." Abbate learned how to give a good Swedish massage through an intramural recreation class this semester.

Riots, Beatles songs thrive on Leap Day

It's a simple problem of arithmetic - 365 days just does not equal the length of a solar year. To be exact, it's off by five hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds. In everyday life, this means that every four years, approximately one day goes uncounted.

Art of music adds up in engineer's life

When the lights dim in Old Cabell Hall auditorium this Sunday and the performer steps onto the stage, don't expect a run-of-the-mill, "it-ain't-over-till-the-fat-lady-sings" routine. William Bennett, who is neither fat nor a lady, will deliver an even bigger shocker: He is an engineer. An engineer who can sing. "I grew up singing in church and singing in school," said Bennett, a fourth-year systems engineer due to take his degree this May.

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