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Ryan Lanford

LANFORD: The new “Propaganda of History”

If everyone with a conscience does not fight back against this assault on education — Black history in particular — then we are handing over history to propagandists who would seek to destroy its scientific core. 

Yet for all the good in Jefferson’s work, there is also the latent hypocrisy of his actions that lie beneath the inspiring words.

LANFORD: Jefferson must be confronted head on

We will not lose sight of the founding of this University if Jefferson does not tower over us. His legacy will not be forgotten, and he will be remembered for what he was — all of what he was —  without the need for glorification. 

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Before the arrival of such a large police presence on Saturday, the encampment itself was minimally disruptive.
Whether or not you’ve attended this event before, here are some tips for Foxfield before you’re off to the races.
This year’s programming was the third in-person DOTL since cancellations in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. 
Attendees at the panel event included representatives from Besançon, University students and faculty, the Charlottesville Sister City Commission and the podcast’s production team.
Student leaders in the MSS cohorts represent a sliver of the minority students at the University, but the work they do to understand each other’s identities signifies progress towards a more inclusive University community. 
While this round of grants will only fund existing programs at VSH and The Haven, future funding from the Virginia Housing Trust Fund and government grants have the potential to allow Charlottesville organizations working to reduce homelessness to expand their programs and services.
The restaurant’s lead chefs, known as “creatives,” include executive chef Chris d’Avino and Cris Morales, head bartender and assistant manager. 
As they emerged from the last station, some wept, stood in silence or held each other in mourning. 
Not only does Light House work with local Charlottesville schools and organizations, they also organize and operate their own annual film festivals and programs.
When a rising lack of discipline in CHS becomes so evident, many see a form of stricter punishment as necessary to inculcate discipline back into the minds of students. 

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