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Ryan Lanford

Yet for all the good in Jefferson’s work, there is also the latent hypocrisy of his actions that lie beneath the inspiring words.

LANFORD: Jefferson must be confronted head on

We will not lose sight of the founding of this University if Jefferson does not tower over us. His legacy will not be forgotten, and he will be remembered for what he was — all of what he was —  without the need for glorification. 

The verdict of this trial is an incredibly important part of the healing process for Charlottesville — I have high hopes that it will be a signal to these groups that there are serious consequences.

LANFORD: American ideology in swing

Everyone must now ask themselves where their beliefs lie — in their own hands and the values they believe in or in the thoughts and opinions of those who only see you as a means to power.

I do not believe that the Academical Village truly existed in the sense that Jefferson wanted it to

LANFORD: The evolving living-learning community

If the Academical Village is to be more than just a location at the University and become a real practice that will aid the learning of students, then it is necessary to point out the historical failing and fight to be better.

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