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Sam Shirazi

Blazing the trail to war

PUNDITS and politicians have blamed both Georgia and Russia over the recent explosion of violence in the contested Georgian province of South Ossetia.

Where idealism goes to die

YOU MAY have seen posters around Grounds or have gotten an e-mail about an exciting summer job working for progressive causes, including an opportunity to work for an environmental advocacy group.

The plank in our own eye

IN ANCIENT Greece, the Oracle at Delphi was known for the ability to predict the future; at the entrance to the Delphic temple read a simple inscription: Know thyself.

Chugging along

MANY STUDENTS have experienced the frustration of trying to travel from the University to Northern Virginia and Washington D.C., especially those of us who live in the area.? Whether it is trying to find a ride or dealing with the traffic on Route 29, the transportation infrastructure connecting Charlottesville to Northern Virginia is clearly not adequate to meet the needs of these two expanding regions. The creation of a commuter rail line connecting Charlottesville to Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

Taking a stand

IN THE past few weeks, riots and demonstrations have taken place in Tibet, a region of China that has sought its independence for over 50 years.

As a recession rises

OVERSHADOWED by the near panic over the specter of apossible recession, the principle of limited government intervention in the economy has gone out the window.

A stifiling stigma

RECENTLY the University introduced a new program toencourage victims of sexual assaults to report any occurrences of sexual violence.

On the outside looking in

IT WAS going to be a revolution: a Ron Paul revolution of libertarianism and constitutionalism. The Texas Representative running for President raised massive amounts of money in the neighborhood of $28,000,000 and had a groundswell of grassroot support.

The unequal truth

BENEATH both the perceived negative aspects and real positive aspects lies a problem with Greek life that people often overlook.

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