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Sophie Roehse

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Fourteen committee members voted in favor of the amended proposal, while five voted against, meaning that the proposal did not pass because 19 votes were required.
Body Positivity Event
Body Positivity
Only a year ago, there was controversy over Lawn room signs which espoused a less than subtle criticism of Thomas Jefferson and the university founded by him.
It is imperative for the welfare of the students that professors record and upload lectures to Collab after the initial meeting
Racists use CRT as an excuse to mitigate actual progressive policies that are trying to take place by grouping them with the words “Critical Race Theory.”
After last week’s meeting, members who proposed the three options moving forward made adjustments and resubmitted plans.
The statue’s removal has also elicited tempered reminders that there is still work to be done.
Elliott writes that Lawson and other members of the UPD entered the Multicultural Student Center and the Latinx Center requesting to speak to her.

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