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Stratton Marsh

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It is disappointing that the University itself isn’t doing more to formally train the next generation of journalists
We need an entirely new public safety system based in social and economic equity that is cushioned by a system of nonviolent emergency responders.
There is no difference between what students went through in the spring of 2020, the summer, the fall and now into the next year.
Police don’t keep us safe, they leech off public funding so that they can hold on to their power to intimidate and harass community members.
But one place where applications don’t belong is in the College, where many majors have a limited capacity, and thus, a strict application process.
It should be the aim of the College to help, not hinder students from under-resourced school districts in achieving their academic goals.
About 50 students sat in the grass and on the stairs of the amphitheater to watch, and the debate was projected onto a large screen in front of Bryan Hall.
Fuck UVA

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